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Aerial Photography & Drone Service, Roof Inspections, CAA Approved & fully insured & DBS Checked. Old Town Photography drone service is available for roof and property inspections – surveys, The benefits of a roof inspection or survey via drone are No Ladders, expensive and intrusive Scaffolding or heavy dedicated machinery, We can provide Drone Photography and video footage of the damage to your roof or evidence of nesting birds before calling on the roofer or pest control, Giving you an idea of the issue and making sure you know exactly what has to be done.

Here are Old Town Photography, we believe in going the extra mile to ensure the highest-quality Roof Inspection – Property Surveys. We have state-of-the art drones for inspecting roofs and building exteriors that are either too high or unsafe to walk on. Some tiled roofs are not safe to walk on because of the type of material (clay, slate or thin concrete tiles) or from slippery conditions due to moisture and algae growth. Some roofs are not accessible without scaffolding which are expensive and very intrusive. Most roof inspectors simply inspect the roof from the ground with binoculars or from the gutter line from a ladder. While this is a decent substitute they can not always see all of the roof or any hidden areas, a drone inspection will have the capability of flying and recording the actual condition of the roof covering as if we were walking on the surface.

Drone Roof Inspection Images

Above are some images of the roof inspections we have done for some clients, as you can see the drone produces high quality images providing detailed imagery of the state of the roof and highlights any problematic areas, giving the client and or roofer the ability to assess the issues for a fraction of the cost of scaffolding or heavy machinery

The drones we use for our roof inspections are from DJI and top-of-the-line in their class and can take aerial photographs and videos of the roof and other components. We can then send these to our clients highlighting any issues. Our Aerial Photography & Roof Inspections service is available in – Bexhill, Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton, Lewes, Tonbridge, Uckfield and all surrounding areas

As you can see the close up drone image below highlighting the damage to the epdm flat roof, This was a flat roof on the top of a pitched roof so there would be no way of seeing the damage, Scaffolding for this roof was quoted at £600 and a cherry picker was £400 but could not get close enough to the property to have the reach for the roof inspection.

Drone Roof Inspection

Above is an EPDM roof that has seen better days, this would not have been visible from the ground or by ladder and would have cost the homeowner hundreds or thousands of pounds in scaffolding just to see the issue and decide if they had the budget to have the repairs or re-covering done. Using the drone for the roof inspection gets an image of the whole roof and damage so a decision can be made without spending all that money first.

Old Town Photography is CAA Approved and has full commercial insurance with Coverdrone

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